The Application for Tenancy form can be filled out online. (Rental Application (click here) tab above) The application form only needs to be filled out once, even if you are applying for multiple units or apartment buildings.

We ask that all persons living in the apartment be listed on the lease and sign the lease agreement. This protects the tenants as no one person can be held legally accountable for the shared apartment.  Additionally, this ensures that all persons listed on the lease understand the rules of the building and the responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. This also enables the Property Manager to have a rough idea of how many people are in the building at all times for safety and emergency purposes.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to notify Hudson Property Developments a minimum of 60 days prior to the expiration of your lease that you will be vacating the apartment. This is a law that is set out in the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006. If you wish to remain a tenant after the expiration of your lease, you will be considered a month-to-month tenant; with the same rules, regulations and responsibilities that were set out in the original lease agreement as signed and agreed. The tenant also has the option to renew their lease agreement after the expiration of the term to lock in any special rates or discounts for another fixed term.

All lease agreements are legal fixed term contracts, which cannot be broken without the consent of both parties involved. Therefore, you cannot break your lease without first consulting with Hudson Property Developments and obtaining our approval.

The terms of our lease agreements are for a period of 12 months (1 Year), unless another agreement has been made between the tenant and Hudson Property Developments.

As per Hudson Property Developments’ lease agreements, subletting is prohibited without the prior written consent of the landlord. The new tenant(s) will be required to submit an application to Hudson Property Developments and go through the application process.

Subletting, is when the original tenant moves out for a specific period of time, but moves back into the unit before the lease term is up. The new tenant is referred to as a subtenant. The subtenant must pay rent to the original tenant who continues to pay the landlord.

Reassigning a unit is when the original tenant moves out of the unit permanently and a new lease agreement is signed. All the terms of the original rental agreement (i.e. amount of rent, services included, ect) remain the same.

If a unit is sublet or reassigned without the prior consent of the landlord, it is considered unauthorized. The landlord can then file an application with the Board to evict both the original tenant(s) and the unauthorized occupant(s).

We prefer that tenants enroll in our Pre-Authorized payment program where funds are withdrawn monthly from the tenant’s bank account. Alternatively, tenants can provide post-dated cheques at the time of signing the lease agreement. If you choose to do otherwise, payments must be received by the first of the month. Post-dated cheques and pre-authorized payments ensure that your monthly rent is paid on time!”

Unless alternative arrangements have been made between tenant(s) and Hudson Property Developments, rent is due no later than the first day of every month. Tenants will owe the landlord a monetary penalty for cheques returned due to non-sufficient funds, in additional to the fees owed to their banking institution.

Rent is considered overdue if it is not paid on the 1st of the month.

All cheques must be made payable to: Hudson Property Developments

Hudson Property Developments must be provided with a 60 day, written notice of termination from the tenant(s). The termination date must be the last day of their rental period or lease, 60 days notice to vacate does not apply during a lease.

The documents can be sent to you via email upon request.  Request can be sent to timmins@hudsonproperties.ca.

For urgent matters, we ask that you contact Property Manager for immediate assistance. All other requests should be submitted through the Maintenance Request option on our website.

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